Let’s sneak off to the Cities

Last weekend we made an impromptu road trip to the Twin Cities, the Cities to the natives. St. Paul and Minneapolis make up this pair of fraternal twins that inhabit the greater Minnesota metropolis; together they hold %60 of the state’s population.

View from the top

Something’s always happening in the Cities.

The Dude cues up a Spotify playlist of all Minnesota bands that a friend graciously sent. We head out, passing through Amish town, sharing the road with horse-drawn carriages. As I navigate a mini blizzard (of the weather variety, not the soft serve ice cream) the Dude distracts Wilma with some snacks and catches me up on her college life.

The Minnesota music scene marches to the beat of its own drum and the playlist keeps me alert for the slippery ride. Most know Minnesota is the homeland of the late, great Prince,  but Soul Asylum, The Replacements, and synth-pop’s pure energy of Information Society also got their start here.

If you’d prefer a more subdued atmosphere, it’s cool, countless theaters offer something for every audience, you can catch a show on the stage every night in the Cities. Or you could crane your neck and ponder history and the abstract when you step into one of the many museums around town.

sculpture at MIA

No shortage of local grub around here either, we started with suggestions from friends and made our wishlist on the way up. The Dude and I are vegetarian most days, but we take a free pass to indulge any time we travel. We decide we must try a legendary Juicy Lucy or Jucy Lucy, depending on who you ask, who knew cheeseburgers could cause such rivalry.

We plan to hit one of the hip pocket neighborhoods for shopping and coffee and we know Sunday calls for museum wandering. There are some cheap tickets to the Guthrie Theater Saturday and we snatch up a couple of the last seats to an opening night show that includes a Jewish owned brothel and lesbian love affair, we are totally stoked!

You don’t have to have a big budget or a packed agenda to make the most out of a weekend. Stay tuned for how we stretched a crisp Benjamin Franklin to fit our Saturday eats and entertainment. Warning you might find yourself planning a quick escape to the Cities before you know it.


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